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Future projects

  • To Construct a New Town Hall and year 11 and tear 12 class room at Kapilas Village . Nuwakot.
  • Work on a

Stop trafficking young girls from Nepal .


"Saving young girls of Nepal " one student at a time
It costs so little to give a girl a whole new life......

Education is the way

The problem is huge. Every year, as many as 20,000 girls from the poorest parts of Nepal are trafficked – lured by the false promises of traffickers. These girls, some as young as nine, end up in Indian brothels or as domestic servants in countries as far away as the Middle East. In either case, they’re slaves. Many are HIV positive within two years, and dead before they reach twenty.

The way we combat this modern-day slavery is revolutionary – and surprisingly effective …


We go to the source, into the villages where girls are at risk, and put those girls into school. We counsel them and their families about the dangers of trafficking. By keeping at-risk girls in school and living at home, they are less vulnerable to being sold or lured by promises of jobs, only to find themselves in brothels or trapped as slaves in households. For a small investment – $100 pays for everything: school fees, books, school uniforms, tutoring – we can keep a girl safe for whole year. Persuading families to educate their daughters is a very dificault task for us especially when they are very poor.


Dr. Aruna Uprety, our visionary partner, went to the brothels in India where more than a hundred thousand Nepali girls are trapped, hoping to convince some to come home. To her great surprise, they told her, “It’s too late for us. If we had known anything, if we had been able to go to school and learn and work, we would never have landed here. Please, keep this from happening to other girls.” The heartbreak of their situation pushed her to focus on prevention – breaking the cycle of trafficking from the start. She pioneered the approach of getting at-risk girls into school, and our partnership with her has saved thousands of young lives.


In the beginning, it was hard to convince families that sending girls to school was worthwhile. Fourteen years ago we started with 54 girls. This year we have 8,500 in 400 schools across Nepal, and we haven’t lost one girl to trafficking. Not one. Reluctance to send girls to school is dropping away, and whole villages are asking to be included in our work. Educating the most at-risk girls in a village spreads enough knowledge to keep traffickers at bay.

NGTF College Scholarship - The Next Step

It's not just for primary school - NGTF helps girls prepare for a career, too. This way they will not be lured by their family members to be sold to brothels of India. The strength of our approach is to go the core of the problemand be very direct: We go to the villages where girls are in danger and speak to the families, put them in school and give them counseling and mentoring. We have found that the longer a girl stays in school, the more valued she becomes by her family and in her own eyes - and the less vulnerable she is to being sold or lured into bondage.

It works! And our girls are successfully graduating from high school. But public high school still ends at Grade 10 in Nepal and the girls are then only 16 years old. Without their last two or three years of education – what we would think of as senior high or the beginning of junior college in this country - they are not qualified for most jobs and, young as they still are, are prime candidates for being trafficked.

Having come so far and overcome such obstacles in their young lives, we felt it only right to commit to help these girls complete the last, critical step in their education – the one that qualifies them for jobs in teaching, health care, or business – and means they can serve their communities in significant ways.

This year we would like to enrolled at least 50 to 100 girls in this capstone step; it takes two to three years and costs only $300 per girl per year. Then they are truly safe – and on the way to create vastly better lives for themselves and their families.

Sundara Devi lower secondary school

Sundara Devi lower secondary school

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Future projects

Future projects

To Construct a New Town Hall and year 11 and tear 12 class room at...

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