Sundara Devi lower secondary school

Project Started from December 2010 to completion August 2011.

The school’s Headmaster, Mr Rajan Pathak, two teachers and four assistants (untrained) are paid by the Government. No other funding is provided by the Government.

The school had an enrolment of 65 children in Early Childhood through to Year 5. They have tiny classrooms built from local stones with bare floors and no lining on the walls. The tin roof has holes through which the monsoon rain pours in. There is no glass in the windows.

The children’s desks are narrow tables; they have few writing materials and no textbooks. The Headmaster keeps one copy of a very limited number of teaching texts in his office for the teachers to access as a teaching aid. The school doesn’t have a library, and the only technology is the Headmaster’s personal laptop computer.

The playground is dirt and does not have a single piece of play equipment. The school has no sporting equipment, no art materials and the only piece of musical equipment is a very old hand organ.

When the students graduate from Year 5 the nearest school for them to attend is over an hour’s walk away and few continue with their education. The Headmaster has a vision of extending the school to Year 8. To complete their high school education students would then apply for scholarships to board at a Government school in Kathmandu.

With the new school building completed this year august 2011, with all the facilities that NGTF has provided like 2 new teachers, sports actitivites , quality education with voulenteers coming from different parts of world to teach specially English and special extra curicullar activities now we have nearly 200 children from kinder garden to year 7 ...  We even now have children

coming back from kathmandu city to study in our new school at the village. 

Why a school in Tame?

Nepal is one of the world’s poorest countries and has insufficient economic resources to invest in the education needs of its children. Tame is a rural area, a 4 hours drive from Kathmandu. It is lush, and the people grow enough food to be self sufficient but live in poverty. The area is suitable for growing crops on a larger scale and is becoming a centre for coffee growing which will lead to increasing employment opportunities.

Education is both a human right and a route out of poverty. It is a great investment. Education enables people to participate actively in their societies, increases access to employment and opens up opportunities.



The Green Tara Trust will support the development of the Sundara Devi Lower Secondary School, Tame, Nuwarkot, Nepal.


  • To fund the building of a classroom block and multi-purpose centre at Sundara Devi School for the current students.
  • To fund the building of extra facilities to allow the school to expand to students up to Year 1– YEAR 8
  • To Fund a building for a Hospital or a clinic  at Tame
  • To fund a Hostel for 50 students near the school .
  • To provide additional teaching resources for the Sundara Devi School which will include library books, textbooks, technology and other equipment.
  • To develop a brother/sister school relationship with  schools around the wolrd so as to provide ongoing support for the students.
  • To buld a new Toilet and clean drinking water facilities for teh 200 children.


The trustees will seek donations and hold fundraising events to support the school and teh village.

DONOR for the School

Brookfield Multiplex Sydney Australia and United Kingdom

Our special gratitude and many many thanks to Mrs Chris Mc Diven who initiated the project to come alive. NGTF will never forget the support and blessing from Chris Mc Diven.

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Sundara Devi lower secondary school

Sundara Devi lower secondary school

Project Started from December 2010 to completion August 2011. The school’s Headmaster, Mr Rajan Pathak, two...

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