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Message from Chairman

Thirty years ago, when I had just completed my formal education and was ready to follow in the footsteps of my Grand dad Tenzing Norgay to climb the beloved Chomolungma. I visited SoluKhumbu in 1984 and I just fell in love with the mountains and the life of my people, the Sherpas.

I then realized that the beauty and drama of the mountains in Nepal and Tibet was just overwhelming. I returned over and over,back to the mountains as a mountain guide and finally climbed Chomolungma in 1997 whereupon my dreams had come true. It was the most beautiful experience with nature on the most powerful mountain in the world “Everest”.

After my 3 ascents I was now ready to help the mountain people of Nepal. Along with my wife Bandi Nima we founded the Nepal Green Tara Foundation, in order to help all the Mountainous people, rural and low cast people of Nepal,with services and facilities that they just did not have such asquality education, educators, infrastructure of the schooland medical care.

We were very lucky during our initial phase;we were a handful of friends with a dream to do well. My mentor/hero who motivated me was Sir Edmond Hillary, his respect for the Sherpa’s combined with his intensely hands-on and practical way of working still has a visible impact on our operating style. Furthermoremy Grand dad Tenzing Norgay Sherpa whoseboundless compassion and concern for not only his own displaced people but all sentimental beings, has always been a beacon for me.

NGTF touchesaround 5,000 lives every year since its establishment. From Nuwakot, Sindupalchowk, Kavera,Thame and various other places. We have built twospectacular schools in a very short period of time, both in the Nuwakot District. We are now looking to build another Five schools in different districts in the near future.

Our reach extends throughout the Himalaya to help people in need, to comfort and support those who have no one else. From the poor families, orphan children, young girls in danger of being sold, destitute elderly folks, refugees adrift and all in need. Our goal is to always make perceptible positive change and fight education with poverty.

Please join us in saving or changing someone’s life — even someone far away — changes yours too.

Authorization and Documents

NGTF (Nepal Green Tara Foundation) is an Government-authorized non-profit social organization. Our projects are implemented...

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