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Sponsorship program

The NGTF (Nepal Green Tara Foundation) Foundation has launched the Child Education Sponsorship Program . The goal of this program is to provide school level education to underprivileged but deserving children to improve their Future prospects through education. Disabled, conflict-affected, abandoned or orphaned, these children hail from very destitute families from Nuwakot villages, Mustang Villages and far northern Western boarders of Humla-  Nepal.

To date the assistance provided through the sponsorship program has shown promising results in improving the quality of life for the children. The sponsorship program has been dependent on the generosity of clients who travel with our company Tenzing Asian Holidays to the Himalaya region, while we identify the children most in need and oversee the coordination and monitoring of the program.

Who are the beneficiaries ?

  • Impoverished children with incomplete education;
  • Children of the social "low caste" as defined by Hinduism;
  • Talented children who secure above 80% in their school evaluation but seeking to enrol in better institutions;
  • Abandoned or neglected by their parents;
  • Conflict-affected children suffering from mental and physical trauma;
  • Displaced or subjected to various atrocities during the armed conflict; or
  • Working as forced child laborers.

How we nominate the children for sponsorship:
Initially, we visit the villages and try to find out about the background and family-history of the child. For verification, we check the facts with the other villagers. Once we are sure that we have a genuine case, we ask the guardian of the child to complete an application form and submit it along with any supporting documents, duly attested by the clild's school, the concerned department and the District Development Committees. We then make a profile of the child based on the facts, that we publish on our website.


Where your contribution goes:
Investing in a child's education is investing in the future especially in Nepal. You have the ability to make a huge difference in the lives of an underprivelldged child this project through your donation. The sponsors will contribute to the scholarship program for these children.

How the distribution and monitoring of the funds works:
Our Village office of Nepal Green Tara Foundation is authorised to utilise these fund for children's education.  Having our own office at the village means we can locally monitor and  ensure the funds are used for the children’s educational needs.Staff will also evaluate whether the children are really benefited or not. Moreover they will report the children’s progress in school.  We will send you your sponsor chil's regular progress report every six months to show you the difference your contribution has made.

Sponsorship Options:
NGTF (Nepal Green Tara Foundation) has designed three types of sponsorship packages varying in the coverage of the child's education expenses. While all three cover tuition and uniforms, these packages differ according to the type of school the child attends, and the child's accommodation requirements where possible, we give priority to donors who are interested in providing premium sponsorships as it provides the hisghest level of support a child could receive. We also provide special and the regular sponsorships to provide some support for the child.The monthly amount for the premium and the special sponsorships vary depending on the school and the school grade of the child.
Premium Sponsorship
The premium sponsorship provides the children with an opportunity to study in a private English-medium school in a metropolitan area. This sponsorship package is in the range of USD 150 to USD 250 per month and includes tuition, meals, hostel accommodation, uniform and regular health checkups for the child. Children who are talented and stand out from the rest are nominated in this category. Children currently receiving this sponsorship are training to be doctors, nurses and work within the tourism industry. Where the child's education will benefit the entire community it is expected they will return to the local village for three years on completion of their training.

Special Sponsorship
The special sponsorship covers the education of the child in an English-medium school in a metropolitan area, but does not include accommodation or a meals. The monthly contribution of USD 50 to USD 70 covers tuition, uniform and regular health checkups. This sponsorship requires that the child to have a relative living in a metropolitan area (ex. Kathmandu and its major cities .) where she/he will be staying, therefore removing the need for premium sponsorship (that covers accommodation and food.)

Regular Sponsorship
This sponsorship contributes to the child's education in the village school ( most likely a government school) that they are presently enrolled in. A monthly sponsorship of USD 30 per month ( USD 1 per day )   sufficiently covers the tuition, stationery and uniform at a government school.


Your contribution goes directly towards a child's educational needs. We will update you regularly with the progress your child is making. Your support translates into a very tangible and positive result for your child. We will mediate the communication between you and the child to keep you in constant touch, We will send a package that includes the child's letter to you, school reports and photos.

Stop young Girls Trafficking:  This is a serious problem of Nepal that has to be stopped.  For NGTF to make sure that no young girls from the age of 13 are sold to Mumbia for prostitution from the villages, we need good funding. We can take care of the children and give them a good education and hostel, away from their parents who are solely responsible for selling their own daughters for prostitition in India due to poverty in their village .  For more information please contact our founder at this email address. This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

We strongly urge a long-term commitment from the sponsors as the child will not be able to support himself/herself at least until high school level. If your sponsored child is extremely talented he/she may even get the opportunity to study abroad, which can certainly benefit the world. This is what we believe and thank you for your generosity.

We realise the importance of education in the physical, psychological and personal growth for any individual, without which a sound future cannot be envisioned. We are committed to channeling your donations to the children via NGTF (Nepal Green Tara Foundation), ensuring the children are directly benefited. Our resolve lies in combating and reversing the misfortune that the innocent children have faced in their lives.


Donation Options
We accept cash, Bank transfer only


Account Number: 00210008526014

Bank Name: Civil Bank Ltd

Bank Address: Tindhara Road, Kamaladi, Kathmandu, Nepal

Swift code: CIVLNPKA



NGTF (Nepal Green Tara Foundation) Volunteer Program is primarily designed to bring forth coordinated efforts...

Sponsorship program

Sponsorship program

The NGTF (Nepal Green Tara Foundation) Foundation has launched the Child Education Sponsorship Program ....

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