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Meet the team

NGTF (Nepal Green Tara Foundation) is proud to partner with many warm-hearted enthusiasts from different corners of the world. We are highly inspired by their involvement in the team and believe that our friendship would help in achieving our objectives to the full extent, benefiting as many people as possible of the rural Nepal.

tashi nima


Tashi Tenzing Sherpa,

Message from chairman:

Thirty years ago, when I had just completed my formal education and was ready to follow in the footsteps of my Grand dad Tenzing Norgay to climb the beloved Chomolungma. I visited SoluKhumbu in 1984 and I just fell in love with the mountains and the life of my people, the Sherpas.

I then realized that the beauty and drama of the mountains in Nepal and Tibet was just overwhelming. I returned over and over,back to the mountains as a mountain guide and finally climbed Chomolungma in 1997 whereupon my dreams had come true. It was the most beautiful experience with nature on the most powerful mountain in the world “Everest”.

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Bandi Nima Tenzing Sherpa,


Born in Pangum, SoluKhumbu District of Nepal.She is one of the most influential ladies in the tourism industry. Her family members have been continually contributing to enhancing and developing the country’s tourism sector and are seen as few of the most hardworking entrepreneurs. Her love and dedication towards the rural village children to be educated, to diminish poverty and move towards a better Nepal is her dream.

She has been in various organizations relating to National and Private Tourism Sector of Nepal. Namely, from 2003 to 2005 she was appointed as the 2nd Vice President of TAAN (Trekking Agents Association of Nepal)and also the1st Vice President and acting President of TAAN.Moreover she was an Executive Committee Board Member of Nepal Tourism Boardfrom 2006 to 2007.

Sanjeet Shrestha,

Vice - President

Sanjit joined Nepal Green Tara Foundation on August 2005. By profession he is an Engineer and an architect. He is the personwhose responsibility is to make sure that all the projects related to the constructing of schools,is completed in a professional manner. He also makes regular visits to the filed projects, weather it be completed or under way. His know how approach towards construction and design is very valuable to NGTF.

Ramesh Mahat,

General Secretary


Ravi Sigdel,

Accounts Officer
Ravi became a part of Nepal Green Tara Foundationon August 2005. He is greatly pleased to bepart of the Administrative team. Whenever he gets an opportunity to join the filed staff on the various projects, without any hesitation he jumps right into the wagon. Rest of the time he is kept immensely busy with NGTF’s accounts and finances. He too is keen on helping his own country people of Nepal.


Achyut Neupane,

Field Assistant

Achyut is a native of Kavre District located North-East of Nepal. He was first inducted to Nepal Green Tara Foundationin 2005, when he accompanied Tashi and Bandi Nima Tenzing on various tours and filed activities. He has trekked the North Western Fortier of Nepal to Tinkar and loves the nature and the Himalaya.

He is the oldest staff currently working for Tenzing Asian Holidays and has been tirelessly rendering his skills and services for the last 15 years. His knowledge about the rural areas of Nepal is very valuable for NGTF.


Dorje Wangchuk Lama,

Field Assistant

AssistantDorje is a native of Humla District situated North-Westof Nepal.He was familiarized toNepal Green Tara Foundationin 2005, when he accompanied Tashi Tenzing on various tours and filed activities. He has trekked the North WesternFortier of Nepal to Tinkar, Everest region and Tibet.His knowledge regarding Nepal,is very valuable for NGTF.

He is also the Senior Tour leader for Tenzing Asian Holidays

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Message from Chairman

Message from Chairman

Thirty years ago, when I had just completed my formal education and was ready to...

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