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How it started

This is an unexpected tale with a beautiful outcome. My first visit to Nuwakot was in 2007, when my Husband was climbing Everest from the North side. Mr. Ramesh Mahat, who is now the General Secretary of our foundation, had previously asked me to come along with him to visit Nuwakot. The idea was to go up to Sikhar Besi for a viewing of a possible Tea plantation site and to see if Tea plantation was feasible at Shikhar Besi. We had a scenic walk from Saat Besi all the way up until Shikhar Besi via Taame School. There were no roads for vehicle to travel on the infrastructure was very backward and barely visible. There were only dirt tracks to walk on. At a quick glance no one could have ever imagined that a school could be erected in such a derelict location. Nonetheless it is now a reality, an idea come to life.



During my first visit all the local residents of the village were very cheerful and glad of our presence. They were so helpful that they walked all the way from Saat Besi to Shikhar Besi along with us. This was a 4 hour walk, during which all the residents were busy trying to convince me that starting up a tea plantation in this area would be a very profitable and a brilliant idea, stressing on the close proximity between Kathmandu (Nepal’s capital) and Nuwakot. To be honest I was moderately impressed by what the area had to offer.

Eventually when my Husband did return from his triumphant and successful Everest summit, which marked his 3rd summit of Everest. With all the celebrations and much awaited reunion, for a brief period I had forgotten all about this venture and its prospects. Until Mr. Ramesh reminded me of our visit to Nuwakot, he then convinced me for another visit but this time I was adamant on taking my husband along with me. I wanted him to see what I saw.

The area that was being planned as a cultivable field was situated above the Taame School. The principal Mr. Rajan - of Taame School - had repeatedly asked us for our help to renovate the school. In my mind I had envisioned that helping out with the school would be a worthy and noble cause as I had just got to know that the area was infested with human trafficking due to its remote location and with most of its able bodied villagers migrating to urban areas (specifically Kathmandu) working numerous odd jobs such as rickshaw driver, taxi driver, push cart handler and others for minimum wages. It motivated me further to lend a helping hand to this cause. However not everyone from this area meet the same fate, to be more precise Dr. Ramsharan Mahat. He is one of the most intellectual minds currently working for the Government, he won his position in the constitution election during the electoral process that took place in November 2013 with a majority of the vote. He was also the former finance minister for the Government, which was then in power. There are many other politicians from this area.

My husband Tashi Tenzing had witnessed first hand the difficulties and hardships that the children from these villages had to face, how the children had to walk hours on stretch to get back and forth from their schools and then again to get to the local market. This grim and harsh reality faced by much of Nepal had moved Tashi. He also felt that the children from these villages needed great help and the only way we could think of to assist them so that their future would be secure was to provide them with a good educational foundation so that they are able to achieve their own goals and ambitions in life and help create a better Nepal. Tashi then took the initiative to discuss the situation with his dear friend Chris Mc Diven from Sydney, Australia. After which it was concluded that my husband and I would help the underprivileged children from the mountain regions of Nepal.


Nepal Green Tara Foundation (NGTF) then helped renovate Taame School. Along with the renovations Tashi also came up with an idea of erecting a memorial stupa for the 50th Anniversary of the famous conquest of Mt Everest by Tenzing Norgay Sherpa (Tashi’s grandfather) along with Sir Edmund Hillary on 29 May, 1953 and all the Tigers of the snow who have dedicated their own lives for more than 50 years towards the history of mountaineering. NGTF has also well-defined a few of its long term goals such as, establishing Mobile Health Clinics and generating sponsors for children who have only one or no parents. Along with continually assisting and addressing the most pressing needs of the society.

My family background is one that comprises of tourism entrepreneurs. I had initially started the company in 1995, as Asian Holidays Trekking pvt ltd. that was later altered after my marriage to Tashi Tenzing. The company was then renamed as Tenzing Asian Holidays Trekking in early 2006. Since then my husband and I have been working together for the last 10 years, tirelessly aspiring to bring out the best in the company and to provide a service worthy of its clients. We run treks and trips to Nepal, Bhutan, Tibet and India.

I have has also had the opportunity of working with various organizations in relation to the National and Private Tourism industry of Nepal. My first affiliation with an organization associated to the Private Tourism was with TAAN (Trekking Agents Association of Nepal). Where I was an active member from 2001 up until August 2002, after which I was then nominated as the 2nd Vice President of TAAN from August 2002 to September 2003. My knowledge and commitment towards the enhancement of the tourism industry was indeed very noticeable. During that period there were 600 Trekking companies registered under TAAN. Through September 2003 to 2005 after a robust election process I emerged victorious and was then elected as the 1st Vice President of TAAN, in between which I also played the role of Acting President from 1st of April 2005 to 4th of July 2005. Not only did I participate in TAAN I had also simultaneously been an advisory member of FNCCI (Federation of Nepalese Chamber of Commerce and Industries) from 2003 to 2005 and was an Executive Committee Board Member of Nepal Tourism Board from 2006 to 2007.


What we do

What we do

NGTF is working to promote development education at schools around Nepal and stop young girls...

How it started

How it started

This is an unexpected tale with a beautiful outcome. My first visit to Nuwakot was...

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Meet the team

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